Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ringers Massacre

The cutoff age for the majors division in Ken Hubbs Memorial Little League is 12, but I swear one of yesterday's opponents had a mustache. And the kid who hit the home run over the fence and into a neighboring yard? He was at least 5' 11".

(He hit the garbage cans by the side of the house with the white van.)

Our boys looked like T-ballers next to the other team's players yesterday. We kept watching ogre after towering ogre emerge from the dugout and smash the ball into the outfield or out of the park entirely.

The poor Yankees, they never had a chance. As if it weren't bad enough that they were puny next to their opponents, the other team managed to score 10 runs on them in the first inning, completely rattling them for the rest of the game. And our team is young, mostly 10-year-olds who still need to be reminded to quit picking clovers in the outfield and that 'run' really means 'run' and not 'meander.' And I don't know how many times I heard throughout the game, "Throw the ball!" Apparently they are still learning that once you manage to chase after and pick up the ball that went through your legs, you actually have to throw it back, preferably to someone who could strike out a runner. It's a lot to remember.

Now, even though my boyfriend's youngest dropped the easiest 'out' in the history of the game, and his older son now has a bona fide shiner from a grounder that popped up into his face from his glove, the team actually kept the ringers at bay for the rest of the game. The behemoths only scored two more runs after the whopping 10 they had in the first. And while our Yankees never were able to score a run of their own, they did manage to strike out the titan who had previously hit two homers. (Turns out he'll swing at anything, and can't hit a fast ball.) So yes, I am proud of those little guys, and hope that they are able to learn from this memorable (if humiliating) experience. That, and maybe have a few growth spurts this season.

Final score: 12-0.
Thank goodness there's a
time limit on these games.

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