Monday, June 30, 2008

Chore Wars

My Chore Wars character

Hee hee. I know it's silly and ridiculous and a total waste of time, but I found this cool site from someone else's blog called Chore Wars. It's a site that people can use with their kids to get them to do chores. They list "quests" such as cleaning the bathroom or emptying the dishwasher, and assign points (gold pieces) to each one. You can encounter battles and goblins, and anything else you want to add. When someone finishes a quest, they claim it, earning them a certain amount of gold and XP (experience).

Cool way to get kids to do chores, I might have to try implementing it at home. Right now, though, I'm just having fun with it, adding each of my plarning projects as new quests. Who knows, maybe this will be my way of keeping track of each of my Christmas presents I'm going to make. New pictures tomorrow on my newest plarn creation, a granny-square patterned bag with handles.

*Note* Not sure if it's a new site, but there do seem to be some bugs to work out. I had a hard time updating my image and quests, etc.

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