Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Plarners Anonymous

I've been at it again. Plarning. (That's crocheting with plastic-bag yarn, y'all.) This time I made a granny-square crocheted plarn purse for a co-worker. She's the one who gives me the most plastic bags, or "plarn in the raw form," as Ralph likes to call them. This one was made from Ralph's bags:

I experimented with making two handles this time, and I think I like them better than a single strap.

I lined it with three Target bags that I had ironed together to make a nice little lining. I purchased a glue gun to seal it in, which has worked much better than Super Glue.

I've also been experimenting with making hair sticks. They are like chopsticks that women stick in their hair to keep it in a bun, etc. I bought some stiff wire and beads with holes large enough to fit through the wire. I then took pliers and, folding the wire in half, twisted it until the two ends were about an inch long. I then slipped the beads on and closed the wire ends with the pliers. I'll probably have to glue gun them closed. I can't remember which blog I found this idea on, but I think they came out pretty well:

Next I'm going to try crocheting a "felted" project. This is where you crochet or knit (there are other ways, too) with wool yarn and then put it in the washing machine to agitate and shrink it so it looks like one piece of fabric. I found a great example on this site.

Here's how it looks when it's first been knitted/crocheted:

Then it goes through the wash and voila! Look how cool it turns out!

Here are some other cool felted projects:

I can't wait to start this new craft!

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