Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Garden Revival

For a while it was touch and go with the garden plants. I didn't have much hope, as most living things I touch tend to recoil, shrivel, and die. I'd already lost a tomato plant, and the second one was looking like this:


But I kept watering and fertilizing, and this week have finally seen some new growth!

And it's still producing tomatoes, so I think there's hope.

The watermelon plant has also finally produced flowers!

It was looking a little wilty for a while, but then we got rid of the aphids and it's grown exponentially!

I couldn't even fit it all in one picture. Here are the trailing ends:

(I think Coco is finally growing into her ears!)

Coco is such a good gardener. She keeps it free of pests, like this helium balloon that floated into our yard the other day.

After barking at it for a few minutes, she grabbed the string in her mouth, only to discover the balloon started chasing her around the yard. She was a brave little girl, though, and finally rid us of the evil yellow monster.

And yes, I know our lawn looks like it's never been watered. We do live in the desert you know. Plus, the sprinkler system broke and the whole thing needs to be dug up and redone. And Ralph just isn't quite willing to do that in 100° heat. Can't say I blame him.

1 comment:

Chile said...

Our tomato looks like it might revive, too.

Oh, and a note on ballons, string, and dogs...bad combination. If eaten, the balloon can clog up the throat or insides. The string can tie things up inside requiring surgery. Just for future reference...