Monday, October 27, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

This is my very FIRST "Not Me!" Monday! I am very excited to tell people about the things that I did NOT do. That would be a cathartic experience, getting it all off my chest, if I had actually done all those things. Which I didn't. Just so we're clear.

I did NOT think evil thoughts about a woman at work on Friday because she was wasting my time with useless minutia.

I did NOT walk by the cat box 25 times this weekend and see that it desperately needed to be cleaned but actively ignored it anyway.

I did NOT call the dog into the kitchen to lap up a raw egg I dropped on the floor because I was too lazy to clean it up myself.

I did NOT hide candy from the boys simply because I wanted to have it all to myself.

I did NOT, under any circumstances, wish that my two youngest stepsons would go to their mom's next weekend so we could have a couple of days of peace and quiet with no bickering.

I absolutely did NOT laugh at my youngest stepson last night when one of the kittens jumped onto his bare back and hung on with her claws.

I did NOT spend the first three hours at work this morning figuring out how to embed a slide show into my blog. That would just be criminal.

For more crazy antics that people did NOT do, head over to my charming kids.


He And Me + 3 said...

It did not take me 2 hours to embed a slideshow in my blog either. It is all trial and error for me. Happy Monday!

heidi said...

Welcome to Not Me! Monday!!! It's addictive. Like that candy you didn't hide. ;-)