Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ten on Tuesday ~ The Wonderful W!

1. Water ~ Can't live without it! (Although I really should drink more of it.)

2. Watermelon ~ My favorite fruit!

3. Watches ~ I always like to know what time it is. Plus, they make great accessories!

4. Wheels ~ Amazing invention that transformed transportation.

5. Wisteria ~ Gorgeous flowers!

6. Wool ~ Scratchy but warm. Which reminds me...

7. Warmth ~ Oh, man, do I hate to be cold!

8. Wonder ~ I love that feeling of amazement and marvel, and I love seeing it in kids especially.

9. Wilderness ~ Nature at its finest.

10. Womenfolk ~ Where would I be without my friends?!

For more waxing poetic on the wondrous W, head over to Crayl's blog, Beyond Black and White.


marky said...

Great list.. wilderness and women!!

Crayl said...

Oh watermelon and Wisteria, love them both!! Wonderful.