Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me! Monday

I did NOT selfishly check My Charming Kids blog a million times last Monday just to see if MckMama was putting up a Not Me! post.

I did NOT wait until this week to put it up just because I thought more people would read it this way.

I was NOT two hours late to a baby shower last weekend because I was still working on the baby blanket I was giving as a gift.

I have NOT been checking the LeeLou blog and The Cutest Blog on the Block every five minutes for Thanksgiving layouts since the day after Halloween.

I did NOT ask a woman at work to bring all her leftover Halloween candy to work just so that I could eat it.

And I definitely did NOT look the other way when my youngest stepson took a running start and slid knees first into the produce section of the grocery store!

For more confessions lists of things people did NOT do, head over to My Charming Kids!


He And Me + 3 said...

I had a grocery store not me too. Very funny! Great list. I also love leelou blog backgrounds and have not been checking for fun ones.

Junita said...

The floors at the grocery store are perfect for sliding though. Not that any of my children would ever try that though! hehe

Keyona said...

We wouldn't want OTHER people's candy to got to waist now would we. Too funny.