Friday, November 21, 2008

Week in Review ~ TGIF!

This week has been so hectic and crazy. I've been alternately exhausted and stressed to the point of screaming. I had a bunch of manuscripts due at work that were nothing but problems these last few months. My boss seemed not to care when I mentioned these problems periodically, and didn't do anything about them until the due date reared its ugly head. Then she got into panic mode and decided "solve" the problem by asking me every hour or so how they were coming along.

I love the way they run this place.

On the home front, Tweeny decided, once again, that all adults are stupid and therefore should be periodically chastised and yelled at, especially when they are doing something completely asinine such as trying to help with homework. For teenagers' sake, I'm glad that humans aren't a species that eat their young. (Though how some parents refrain, I can chalk up only to superhuman strength and will power beyond comprehension.)

That said, Ralph very kindly talked me down from the emotional keening harpy I had whipped myself into, and I'm feeling much more even-keeled today. He also took over the homework duties yesterday while I pulled the covers over my head and didn't come out until the alarm went off this morning. Have I mentioned how thankful I am for this man?

Speaking of giving thanks, I'll leave you with a bit of Thanksgiving insanity. Here's Sarah Palin's most recent interview, which happened to take place at a turkey farm. (She had been pardoning turkeys.) The backdrop of the interview was a man pushing a live turkey into a meat grinder. When asked later about how she felt about the interview and what was happening in the background, she simply said, "No worries." Thanks, Renée, (who is a vegetarian, BTW) for sending me the carnage!

Want something a bit less, um, savage? Head over to Cake Wrecks to see their lovely array of turkey cakes, such as this lovely creation:

Don't worry people, it's just a brownie with frosting! Whew!

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