Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Me! Monday

MckMama isn't posting her usual carnival of Not Me! Monday today, as she is on a break as well as having a very sick newborn. But I have a lot to get off my chest, so I figured I'd post anyway. Normally, you could link back to My Charming Kids to see other Not Mes!, but today, instead you'll see a request for prayer for baby Stellan. I'm sure the family would appreciate it if you dropped by the site and dropped a prayer for them.

I have NOT misplaced my camera and therefore have no pictures of the past week, or of kitties, or any other photos that I would usually share. I certainly did NOT need to use Ralph's camera to photograph the boys rocking out on Guitar Hero on Christmas since I couldn't find my own.

I am NOT sick of hearing Eye of the Tiger blaring off-key from the television speakers. I am extremely happy that the boys are enjoying their Christmas present and would NEVER tell them to turn it down or turn it off completely.

I am NOT happy that Christmas is over. I am NOT thoroughly pleased that I can finally relax and not worry about the 10 extra people I unexpectedly had to buy Christmas presents for at the last minute. I am ALWAYS a cheerful giver and I never mind getting things for other people, no matter if it's Christmas Eve. And I certainly DO NOT let that get in the way of enjoying the meaning of Christmas.

Yesterday I did NOT completely miss the freeway exit while returning from the store with the boys. They did NOT have to ask if that was our exit where we were supposed to get off. I am VERY happy that they have a good sense of direction and I was NOT embarrassed at all when they informed me of my mistake. I NEVER space out when I'm driving, especially with kids in the car!

I am NOT ready to take the Christmas decorations down in order to get things clean and organized for the new year. I did NOT buy plastic storage bins yesterday to do just that.

I am NOT seriously already thinking of putting up Valentine's decorations around the house. I did NOT buy Christmas-tree ornaments in the shape of hearts yesterday. I did NOT get them at 70% off and think I was quite clever by buying cheap Christmas ornaments to decorate for Valentine's Day. Ralph did NOT tell me I was worse than the retail stores since I'm already thinking about the next holiday.

Boy, am I glad I DIDN'T do all those things! I don't think I could live with myself!

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