Monday, December 29, 2008

Daily Kitties 12.29.08 ~ Lending a "Helping" Hand

Satan's Santa's Little Helpers

I finally found my camera so I can show how "helpful" the kittens were while I was rushing around at the last minute before Christmas. For some reason, I thought it might be nice to drive myself insane by trying to make handmade gifts for Christmas. I was crocheting up until the very last minute, and the purses were still damp from being washed (in order to felt them) when I wrapped them. Luckily, I had two kitties on hand to help. (HA!)

When not trying to snatch the yarn away from my crochet hook, Pixie was attacking the source. Even when I tried to hide the ball of yarn in a bag, she weaseled her way inside to get at it.

Bunny watched with interest for awhile.

She then decided she would help me in the finishing stages of the project. Here she's kneading a finished panel of a purse to make sure it's soft enough.

You can see the purse on top of the panel; it was the original one I had done earlier but forgot to put in a pillowcase before washing. The lint from the towels I had in the machine to help it agitate got stuck in the purse while it was felting, making it look about 15 years old and too well worn. Sigh.

Bunny napped on the purses, too, to make sure they had just the right amount of cat hair on them.

Helping is hard work!

She also helped me wrap the purses; she cushioned the boxes with cat hair so the purses wouldn't get damaged in transit.

This is what the purses looked like before felting (I forgot to take picture of the others).

I was so frazzled that I didn't take any "after" pictures of the purses to show how much they shrunk. No matter, the girls liked them as much as the kitties did. Next year, I have to start earlier when I hand-make gifts!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!

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