Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ten on Tuesday ~ The Fabulous F!

I've been away from the alphabet for awhile, but I'm ready to rev up again with the letter F! I'm thankful for:

Friends ~ They make life worthwhile!

Fairness ~ Yes, I know, life's not fair. But that makes me all the more thankful when something does work out fairly.

Fingers ~ Can't write/type/pick scratch my nose without 'em.

Femininity ~ Even though I don't consider myself the most feminine of women, I like the type of feeling and mystique that goes along with being feminine.

Feistiness ~ We all need to be spirited and plucky now and then.

Finesse ~ Ooh, I wish I had more of this!

Fall ~ My favorite season.

Fire ~ I love sushi, but I don't want to eat all my meat raw. Plus, the warmth is unbeatable.

Food ~ Preferably the deep-fried, chocolate-dipped, rolled-in-sugar kind.

"Forty winks" ~ Wish I got more of those!

For more Fantastic F words (not of the naughty variety; get your minds out of the gutter!) head over to Crayl's Beyond Black and White.

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