Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ten on Tuesday ~ The Boisterous B

How do I love thee, B? Let me count the ways! I am thankful for...

1. My brother Ben. He is one of the most amazing, intelligent, and kind people I know. I have no idea how we could possibly be related.

2. Books! Love love love them!! Can't get enough. They have been my true love since I was a little kid. They have never abandoned me, and they always bring me happiness.

3. Brains. What few I have rolling around in my skull, I am quite thankful for.

4. Bravery. Since I don't have much of it, I quite admire it in other people. Bravery and courage help shape history.

5. Black. I love the color. Many/most of my clothes are black. Everything matches that way.

6. Ballots. I'm so appreciative that we have the freedom to vote.

7. Bachelor's degree. Pretty much necessary nowadays; I'm glad I have mine and am thankful for the doors it's opened for me.

8. Batteries. Doesn't matter if they are for the car, a flashlight, or a video game, I'm glad they help power the world.

9. Backbone, literally and figuratively. It's what holds me together and helps me stand up for myself.

10. Bathing suits. Because not all of us are nudists. (Thank goodness.)

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