Friday, January 2, 2009

Daily Kitties 1.2.09 ~ Cleaning up after Christmas

In order to start the new year with a fresh feeling, the kitties and I took down the Christmas decorations yesterday.

Bunny helped take the table runners off:

And both kitties helped take down the lights and garlands from the banisters.

After a while, Bunny decided she was better at supervising.

She put Pixie and I to work taking down the ornaments from the tree.

Pixie also helped with the fabric I had put up on the curtain rods to dress up the dining room a bit.

I ended up keeping the red one up and put some ribbon around it to dress it up for Valentine's Day. It's still pretty bare, but better than nothing.

I'm sure the kitties will have some good decorating input for me. I'm actually working on a "ragamuffin garland" in pinks and reds to use for Valentine's Day too. This is what a ragamuffin garland looks like (I'll post mine when I'm finished):

(featured on Our Cozy Nest)

And here are two from the Nesting Place:

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