Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Coworkers Think I'm Trashy

Okay, not really. But yesterday one of them asked me, "What is that trash you have hanging in your cubicle?" That, my friend, is what we like to call a ragamuffin garland.

It's basically just a bunch of fabric scraps that you tie onto a ribbon. This fabric was my original motivation for making a Valentine garland.

Unfortunately, the pinkish garland doesn't really fit in with my house full of men, plus it clashes with the red drapes that hang in the same room I was planning on hanging it. So I figured, why not bring it to work and dress up my cubicle a bit? I added some vintage Valentine-postcard images I found online. I'll eventually attach them with ribbon; for the time being, they are just pinned to the wall.

So sue me for trying to add a bit of color to my drab cube. Actually, most people have made nice comments about it, or at the very least have simply kept quiet about it. Just Cinnamon Carl had a problem with it. But he has a problem with everything, so I didn't take it too personally. I think I'll make one for every holiday just to keep him guessing. Or grumbling....

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