Friday, January 16, 2009

Naughty Kitties, Science Projects and Dejected Decorating

Yesterday the kitties figured I must be bored, so they thought up an ingenious game to play with me called "Find the Smelly Poop."

I only had six children in the house and barely two science projects in the making. I only had to feed five of the six kids, plus I only had to help two of them with additional homework on top of their project.

Obviously, I didn't have enough to do.

So one of those darling, delightful kitties was quite resourceful and decided to poop on a bean bag in one of the boys' bedrooms. They purposely picked a spot that would make me hunt for it and take a long time to find, while still being in a position that allowed the smell to emanate throughout the house.

They are so clever!

This created much more noise and chaos, (hey, it was only at a dull roar, anyway) with science-project partners yelling about the smell and Tweeny fumigating the entire house with his Axe Body Spray, almost suffocating us in the process.

Once I found it, threw it and the kitties outside, it was back to science projects. You can just make out Tweeny's excited expression at being forced allowed to do such an exciting project:

His teacher handed out topics to them, and he got an experiment on population density.

Luckily, after setting it up, we don't have to do too much until they actually start sprouting.

The other group, however, was given free reign in choosing their project, with the exceptions of using chemicals and animals. (Darn, I had two perfect test subjects in mind, too.) The kids all wanted to do something with baking soda and vinegar, but soured at the idea of actually creating a question and hypothesis about it. And forget about actually researching volcanoes. They finally decided to make paper using various materials, which should be fun and extremely messy. I hope we have nice weather for the next couple of weeks because there is no way we are doing that inside.

After finally dropping off the last kid, I came home and tried to relax by fiddling around with Valentine decoration ideas.

While out in the shed searching for clay pots, Ralph and Tweeny came across a beautiful pink hibiscus that was hiding in amongst our man-eating, dog-maiming, gigantic cacti.

I started to fill different jars with candy and was placing them on the dining room table when the boys decided it was time to play with their Tech Decks on the table. For those of you who don't know, Tech Decks are tiny skateboards that you use with your fingers to do tricks. They work best on hard, flat, loud surfaces.

I decided to find something to decorate in the kitchen instead.

I thought I might hang some Valentine fabric from the "curtains" (read: kitchen towels I hung up with curtain loops), but it ended up looking like I was just hanging laundry, and boxer shorts at that.


I gave up at that point, realizing any creativity I'd had left me earlier in the day. I let in the dejected kitties (who now have to stay in the Man Cave when we're not around to keep an eye on them) and snapped a couple of pictures of them before heading up to bed. Well, heading up to read New Moon in bed. Yes, still addicted to the series.

At first glance, this looks like an innocent picture, but Pixie is actually sinking her teeth into Bunny's shoulder, and Bunny is gnawing on Pixie's front paw.

They're such angels, aren't they?

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Shannon said...

I think those "curtains" look cute!