Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ten on Tuesday ~ The Gregarious G

Ten things I love that start with the letter G.

1. Growth. I know I need to do more of it mentally, and I wish I could grow more physically, as I'm the shortest one in my family. (I always wanted to be six feet tall.)

2. Garlic. Soooo delicious!

3. Gastric juice. Can't digest anything without it.

4. Generosity. Too little of it around nowadays, but maybe that's why it's so appreciated.

5. Gin rummy. My favorite card game; I have very fond memories of playing it with my grandmother and brother.

6. Ginger ale. Always makes a tummy feel better.

7. Girlfriends. They're the best!

8. Girl Scout cookies! My favorite are the shortbread cookies. Delicious with milk.

9. Grins. Especially kids' grins; they just light up their faces!

10. Gutsy(ness) I admire anyone with guts.

For more gargantuan G words, g'wan over to Beyond Black and White and take a gander.

1 comment:

Crayl said...

Great list! Many things I didn't think of immediatly, but would happily extend my list for. Good job!