Wednesday, February 4, 2009

1,073,001,600 seconds

Did you know that today is Thank a Mailman Day and National Stuffed Mushroom Day?

Yes, I'm serious.

It's also the day that Disney released Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1938. Not that I was there to see it; otherwise I'd be turning 71 today.

As it is, I'm only turning 1,073,001,600 seconds old today.
Or 17,883,360 minutes.
Or 298,056 hours.
Or 12,419 days.
Or 1,768 weeks.
Or 408 months.
Or 34 years.

Still a ways away from 71.

Here I am on my birthday when I was 2,922 days (8 years) old. I'm sitting next to the flowers I'm named after. I'm sure I would have loved watching Snow White for my birthday back then.

I share a birthday with Rosa Parks.

And Oscar de la Hoya, who is also a southpaw (but doesn't box that way).

Maybe he should. But what do I know.

Alice Cooper's birthday is also today.

And Dan Quayle's.

I have no idea what this says about me, but I think I should be worried.

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Chile said...

Happy Birthday, Heather. Hope you have many more seconds on your horizon.