Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ten on Tuesday ~ My 200th Post!

I really can't believe I have enough crap stuff in my brain to come up with 200 posts, and I'm sure many people wish I hadn't shared a lot of it on this blog. (Hey, you don't have to read it.) I figured for this post I'll share a little bit more about me, if you can stand it.

You've been warned.

Crayl's subject for today's Ten on Tuesday list is "Things That Last." Below is a list of 10 things about me that have lasted.

1. My tattoos. (Duh.)

I got the one on my ankle when I was 18, almost 16 years ago.

It's heather flowers with Japanese writing underneath that reads "chan," essentially meaning "little one." We lived in Japan when I was three, and my parents learned to call me Heather-chan like the rest of the parents in my preschool did. The nickname stuck for a long time.

There are also more characters underneath that mean "little brother Ben," since Ben was born in Japan. He neglected to tell me when he drew them for me (he's fluent, the genius) that "ben" in Japanese is a homophone for a certain swear word that rhymes with spit. Thanks, Ben.

The other one I got right out of college. I'd seen a pin in a catalog that depicted the sun and the moon kissing. Thought it would be cool. No real symbolism behind it.

2. My undying love of ice cream.

I actually ate 6 cones in a row at Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day. You know how people say if you work at a place like a candy store or an ice cream shop, you get sick of it? I don't think that would happen to me.

3. My complete and total admiration for my brother.

He is seriously the smartest, most amazing person I know. This is one of the only pictures where he is actually shorter than me. That didn't last long at all.

4. My best friend, Amber.

We've been best friends for almost 30 years.

Isn't she adorable?

Amber and I met on the first day of first grade, when she invited me to sit at the desk next to hers. She is the kindest, sweetest person in the world with the biggest heart of anyone I know.

Here we are at our first concert together. We were in sixth grade, and we saw Madonna on her Who's That Girl? tour.

5. My insomnia.

Blech. I've had it ever since I was a little kid. My mom said I never slept well as a baby, either. It's a plague that doesn't show any signs of stopping.

6. My love of animals.

That started very young. We always had pets, like good ol' Josh here. His love of humans was tested when I came along, though.

7. My love of dressing up.

I always participated in every spirit/dress-up day, and every Halloween. I was totally comfortable with a pumpkin stem on my head and three pillows stuffed around my middle. I love pretending to be someone/something else.

8. My self consciousness.

Odd, I know, coming right after my love of dressing up. But when I'm supposed to be looking/acting/being normal, it's very distressing to me.

9. My love of change.

I'm always trying something new, especially with my hair. In this (high school) picture I had just cut off a foot of it.

I also like changing careers and permanent addresses. (I've moved 5 times in the past two years.)

10. My procrastination, messiness, and inability to cook. 'Nuff said.

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Crayl said...

We are much more alike than I knew! Congrats on 200!! WOOHOO! LOVE the list. (Love dressing up too). We have moved so many times it's ridiculous!