Monday, February 2, 2009

Kong Konfusion

I love Blue, I really do. He is the sweetest, friendliest, cuddliest dog I've ever been around. But, well, the boy is dumber than a box of rocks.

Not that I mind. I'm just sayin,' is all.

For example, he's afraid of the wind. Tries to outrun it.

That's one of the main reasons I brought him inside yesterday. So he wouldn't tire himself out trying to escape an invisible monster.

I also brought him in to try out the new Kongs I bought him and Coco. I thought it would be a fun toy for them to occupy themselves instead of, say, squeezing through the fence and tearing apart the water bags that hold down the pool cover.

I put a bit of peanut butter in the Kongs, along with some dog food, and rolled them on the floor towards the dogs. They both sniffed them curiously, and Coco soon found the treasure inside.

She settled in to a state of bliss, happily licking at the Kong until she ate all the delicious insides.

Blue, on the other hand, was a bit confused.

He could smell that something was in there, but he wasn't quite sure how to go about getting at it. He licked the outside for a little while, but the rubber taste didn't match the peanut butter smell.

He looked up at me with a furrowed brow as if to say, "I don't get it."

He eventually found the hole from where the smell was emanating.

But he never quite figured out how to hold the Kong with one paw to get it to stay still in order to investigate further.

It kept rolling around, even rolling right under him, where he tried to follow it with his big, thick head.

He eventually gave up, licked off the tiny bit of peanut butter he'd managed to find, and walked away from it.

He found a less stressful activity instead. All it involved was laying down and looking pretty.

I've never understood why he lies with his legs splayed like that.

Coco didn't mind this turn of events one bit; she gladly finished off Blue's Kong as well.

I think I'll just hand him the treats next time.

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Chile said...

Angel, my dog, ain't too smart either. I can't find one of her toys that we put treats in so I've been putting treats in a "molecuball". The dog is supposed to roll it around and treats fall out of the hole. Our last dog figured it out in about 15 seconds. Angel still has not really figured it out.

But she's cute so who cares. ;-)