Monday, February 23, 2009

Countdown to 40 ~ 29 Days

Dear Ralph,

There are only 29 more days until you turn 40. This weekend I was reminded often of this reason why I love you:

I love that your favorite place to be is home, with us. Whether it's lingering over breakfast joking around with the boys, playing Warcraft with them, or all sitting around together watching a fun movie, you are definitely a family man through and through.

You attend every school event, and you have never missed one of the boys' games or practices, even when you were a single dad and had to shuttle them back and forth to two different practices and game times and then cook dinner, help with homework, and basically everything else a single parent has to do by themselves. [That never ceases to amaze me!!]

Anyone who knows you knows that family comes first, no matter what. This is one of my favorite things about you, and it always makes my heart swell and my eyes tear up when I think about what a great family man you are.


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