Sunday, February 22, 2009

Countdown to 40 ~ 30 Days

Dear Ralph,

There are only 30 more days until your 40th birthday. While watching you this weekend, I was reminded of another reason you are so great.

You spent all weekend working on the fish tank to get it running smoothly for your beloved oscars.

And I mean these oscars:

not these Oscars, even tonight is actually Oscar night:

I love that you are constantly reading about all the different pets we have (dogs, cats, fish, turtle, tarantula) so as to learn more about how to train them and keep them healthy and happy.

I love it when you tell me stories about how your grandfather fostered your love of animals by telling you stories about when he worked in the LA zoo.

I also love that you encourage the boys to learn more about animals and I enjoy when you talk to them about your experiences with pets, continuing your grandfather's legacy.

I love how you play with the dogs and pretend not to love the cats but still cuddle with them anyway. I also love how you will watch the fish tank for hours.

Maybe you are just an old softy.... Nah. I still love you anyway :)


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