Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidents' Day Celebration ~ With Cupcakes

Some of us have to work today.

Some of us even had to drive 60 miles to get to said work.

In the pouring rain.

Without our carpool partner.

And tons of people are out sick, so some of us have extra work to do.

But I digress.

From now on, whenever I'm thinking of whining about my workload, I will just look at this gigantic mosaic made from 5,900 cupcakes:

It kind of puts everything in perspective.

And it also makes me realize that I have absolutely no patience for this kind of work.

Meaning I should get back to my own job.

And quit complaining.

Good thing Zilly Rosen at Zillycakes has the patience, desire, and skills to think up and execute this huge undertaking. You can see her with her team in the picture above, putting the finishing touches on the cupcake creation, which was made in the Smithsonian on Friday. She even had a live webcam set up so you could watch the progress.

Here's the finished product:

For more pictures of the making of the mosaic, as well as other amazing, and sometimes downright-awful cake creations, go to Cake Wrecks. (Click here for the original post.)

Happy Presidents' Day everyone!

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