Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Countdown to 40 ~ 35 Days

Dear Ralph,

There are thirty five more days until you turn 40. And with age has come humility. As hard as it is, you do this when necessary:

It's never easy, for anyone really, but you suck it up and put yourself out there. You apologize and take the time to explain yourself. While that may seem small to some people, I appreciate that you do this.

Many people simply move on as if an issue never happened in order to avoid having to apologize, and that leaves pain and resentment in the hearts of the people they hurt. I'm happy that you recognize this and take the responsibility to make things right.

I myself find this very hard to do, which makes it all that more amazing to me when you come forth. Thank you for being a wonderful example to me and the boys.


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