Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Decorations ~ I Tried

I tried.

I really did.

But decorating is just not my bag, baby.

I looked at many different decorating sites, and stole many ideas, like this great "kissing ball" that I learned how to make on Domestic Fashonista's site.

I used floral half balls (that's all they had on hand at the time)

and glued them together and then hot-glue gunned the roses to them.

Can you tell what team is the favorite in our house?

Ashley's post here has a much better explanation and pictures.

That part came out okay, but the rest sort of fell apart after that. I saw that lots of decorators bought some of the cute fabric heart ornaments from Michaels to decorate with, so I figured that I would do that, too. But somehow, they just look forlorn and lonely tacked up on my dining room ceiling.

Even adding the kissing ball and some ribbon and fabric didn't really help.

I gave up on that and moved on to table decorations. I got some of those sparkly pink hearts at the Dollar Tree that many other bloggers display in their homes as well.

While that didn't look too bad, the little decor I had on the dining room table has long disappeared:

The flower only lasted overnight, and the jars only have a few crumbly candies left in them.

So I moved on to window coverings. I switched out the hot pink fabric for a more subtle fabric.

But I couldn't think of anything else, so I just left it as is.

I also made a red ragamuffin garland for one window,

and a pink and red one to cover up the plain white blinds in the dining room.

Again, though, it just doesn't seem quite right.

So for now, I give up. Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and I'll take down my half-hearted attempts at trying to make the place more homey. Maybe it's for the best; I do live with a bunch of boys after all. Pink isn't exactly a color they gravitate to.


I am thinking of using the pink and red garland for something else....

While perusing blogs of women who had gone to Blissdom, I came across Rhoda's blog, Southern Hospitality and her post she wrote about it. She had a few pictures of herself and some of the other bloggers she met there. I saw a picture of the Nester, who writes the blog where I originally saw how to make ragamuffin garlands.

Look at her purse!

I think I'll try hot gluing the ragamuffin garland to this old straw purse I have and see how it comes out.

Maybe all my decorating disasters aren't for naught...

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Crayl said...

Fun the staches! My daughters actually talk about getting tatoos like that. Thanks for sending it to me!!