Friday, February 20, 2009

Why I Can't Blog @ Home

Alternative Title:

My 75-pound Lap Dog with Attachment Disorder

It's hard to find the time to post, especially since I have so many distractions that keep me from the computer.

When I get home, I'm often busy with homework help, cleaning, laundry, and all kinds of other tasks right up until bedtime.

When I finally do have time to post, I am reminded that I have a computer that is slower than molasses.

Going uphill.

In the middle of January.

Probably my favorite reason for not being able to find much time to blog while at home is because every time I sit at the computer, (or on any piece of furniture), Blue feels the need to come get cozy. He will try every angle possible to crawl into my lap.

It's not his fault, he's just a little more needy than the rest of our pets.

I actually love that he wants so much attention. He'll let me pet him for hours, and he always gazes up at me like I am the most amazing creature on this earth.

It's kind of nice when someone (something, in this case, I guess) looks at you like that.

Makes ya feel kinda special.

I just wish he wasn't so... well... slobbery with his affection.

It's okay. I love him for all his quirks.

[Ironically, I was looking at Dooce's Daily Chuck picture while Blue was trying to crawl into my lap in this particular session.]

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