Thursday, April 2, 2009

One-Eyed Pirate Hag

We get bored at work sometimes.

Doesn't everyone?

To add some fun into our day, and because we're so mature, we've devised a lunchtime game. You can read all about it on Candy Experiments with Cinnamon Carl. Basically, we heat up random candy and make one of our coworkers (who's name isn't actually Carl) eat it. And then document it with pictures.

Told you we're mature.

Anyway, at times I'll partake in the candy eating as well, since I pretty much like anything sugar coated. This has produced some odd pictures of me:

It's kind of weird to see yourself eating.

At least I chew with my mouth closed.

Perhaps the strangest picture of me that's come out so far is of me eating some type of soupy-looking concoction. But it's not the candy that's scary looking:

I literally look like I only have one eye, and that eye is glaring out of the socket. You can't see an eyelid or lashes, so it basically just looks like a giant eyeball peering out of a skull. Add to that my mouth curled into what looks like a snarl, or a pirate's when he says, "Arrrrrgh!"

Just what I want floating around on the internet. Thanks Mrs. Rizzo (co-creator of Candy Experiments).

For more pictures that may scare young children, head over to the NEW home of Sincerely Fro' Me to You, The Glamorous Life Association!


The Glamorous Life said...

Actually, for reals...laughing out loud on that last shot.

You are a brave woman to post these. I am so tempted to Photoshop a pirate eye-patch and maybe a hook hand on you.

Cuz I can.

You rock the FRO party for sure.


And for more fun? Your captcha word below that I have to copy is:


Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind said...

Can I come and work at your office? Looks like you have tons more fun then we do... just as long as you don't do that one-eyed scary look.

Tammy said...

How much fun is your lunch break?! Way more than mine. And that last photo is screaming Arrrggghhh.

Elaina M. Avalos said...

Love the last photo! And wow, where do you work? Sounds like my kinda place.