Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I've been nesting lately. I don't know if it's because it's spring or if we've done a lot around the house lately because of Ralph's party, but I've been in the mood to feather my nest. Among other things, I've been making more ragamuffin creations. The latest was actually a birthday present for an eight-year-old girl, hence all the pink:

(The houndstooth was a scarf I had on my lap to keep everything together while I was in the car. I have a 120-mile commute and I might as well do something while I'm in the passenger seat!)

I cut different pieces of cloth into strips about 6 inches long and 1 inch wide. I've found that the closer you stick to one color, the better it looks. That way you can have different patterns on the cloth and it doesn't look too jarring.

After cutting the strips, I just started tying them on a wire clothes hanger that I stretched into a circular shape.

Usually all the knots line up together, which you can leave if you want a more uniform look.

I tend to like a more fluffy, randomized look, which is how the wreath looks on the right side. On the left side, I still hadn't fluffed them up. You can't tell too much difference; it's really just personal choice.

I then took a wooden S I bought and Mod-Podged purple scrapbooking paper on it (her second favorite color, natch.)

I attached the S with purple ribbon that I also hot glued on the rest of the exposed hanger. I also cut the ends of the fabric at a bias so it looks a little more finished.

On my Easter wreath, I didn't cut the fabric in a bias cut, mainly because I was lazy.

I found a purple egg ornament at the 99¢ Store and hung it in the middle of the wreath. It actually kind of matches the purple walls of my cubicle.

I used a smaller wire hanger for this wreath; it's the kind that has the cardboard on the bottom so I had to take that out and clamp the wire parts together. I think I like the bigger hangers better for wreaths.

On the wreath I put on my door, I used a pre-made wreath from Joanne's and just tied fabric on to the branches. I also hot glued some moss and eggs I had left over as well as a bit of ivy to add to the springy look.

I violated my rule of keeping the colors similar in shade, but again, I was lazy and just using what I had lying around. I used some ribbon I had left over to tie it to the door.

I had originally bought this Welcome sign at the Dollar Tree for the front door, but it didn't go with the colors on my wreath.

Instead, I spray painted it black and put my favorite cooking quote on it. We just replaced our appliances with black/stainless steel, so this matches perfectly.

I think Ralph thinks it's a little girly, and since he does most of the cooking, I may have to change it. Maybe if I just change the font...

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