Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Since the boys were with their mom for the weekend, we had a pretty quiet one, with only our furry "children" to keep us company. Bunny "helped" me while I tried to finish a baby blanket for Peez's teacher.

Rhino took a break from killing his hedgehog to collect sticks and put them on the patio for us.

Yeah, he's a bit neurotic. (Aren't all chihuahuas?)

Blue took this rare opportunity to cuddle with Hedgie, knowing it would only be a matter of time before Rhino would continue his killing spree.

I also took advantage of the rare period of quiet in the house by spending the days making glorious messes with my crafting.

We did get a chance to see one of the boys for a little while. Aaron, Ralph's oldest, was going to his senior prom and we went over to take pictures of the big occasion.

I got to capture the age-old father-son ritual of fixing the tie.

Look how handsome they are!

All in all, a really nice weekend, but I'm glad the boys are back. Isn't it funny how kids can drive you crazy to the point where you're ready to sell your soul for five minutes of peace and quiet, but when they're gone you can't wait for them to come back?

Family's funny that way.

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