Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: Thankfulness

1. I am sooooooo thankful that the Rhino's mange is the kind that is passed down by the mother and is the rarely-transferable kind. He looks like a hairless rat, but at least the other dogs won't.

Poor little guy!
Now we can really call him a mangy mutt.

2. On a related, pet note, I'm thankful that I'm finally done giving Ninja the round of antibiotics (from an earlier, self-inflicted wound). He literally acted like I was pouring acid down his throat.

3. I am thankful that we are going to have a bit of a cooling trend in the weather this week. Thank goodness!

4. I am thankful that I have a three-day weekend coming up that I hadn't even remembered. I love forgetting about a day off and then having it be a pleasant surprise when it comes along.

5. I am thankful that I will get to see my best friend this weekend as she travels to So Cal for a graduation.

6. I am thankful that I've finally started to lose some of the weight I put back on after working so hard to lose it in the first place.

7. I am thankful that my new medication seems to be working for my depression.

8. I am thankful that Ralph is so strong in dealing with all the family drama that has happened recently.

9. Ralph's grandfather passed away this weekend. (That's not what I'm thankful for. Sheesh, give me a little credit.) What I am thankful for is that he is no longer in pain. I am also thankful that he was able to come home and be where he wanted. I'm also thankful he was cognizant to the end, cracking jokes and enjoying everyone's company.

10. Lastly, I am thankful that I got to witness all the boys studiously learning to tie their new ties (for the funeral). It's wonderful to watch Ralph teaching them skills they will take into manhood.

These pictures crack me up because Aaron is shirtless and Ralph is just in an undershirt because it was about 95° yesterday. We were in the upstairs bedroom so they could look in the full-length mirror, and that room is one of the hottest in the house.

Ralph said Aaron looked like he was trying to audition as a Chippendale's dancer (although I think they wear bow ties). Still, it's hysterical all the same.

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Crayl said...

Love your list.
Love it.