Thursday, May 21, 2009

Herding Cats on the Freeway

That's what it felt like yesterday when we were trying to stay together as a funeral procession. Not an easy task when you have to merge on to four different freeways from the church to the cemetery. At one point, it looked like two eighteen wheelers and a gas truck were part of our party. Other than that, though, everything went fairly well.

I got to see all my men looking quite dapper in their new suits:

I also got to witness my first military funeral. Grandpa was a decorated war veteran.

This was quite touching.

As sad as the occasion was, I was glad to see friends and family, and hear heartfelt stories about the patriarch of the family. He was a great man who led an amazing life, and touched the hearts and souls of everyone around him.

He will be greatly missed.

Since I do most all of the picture taking in the family, I only had one shot taken of me yesterday. I was trying to tell one of my stepsons how to use the camera, and he snapped it mid-sentence (probably to shut me up).


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Crayl said...

You look fabulous, talking or not. Your men look really honoring in their suits. I am sorry for your loss, but it sounds like things went well.