Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lazy Weekend, Crazy Dog

Our weekend was pretty laid back since the boys were with their moms. We did lots of laying around:

Rhino seems to have grown a little bit of hair back from having The Mange, but he still looks pretty odd.

We've also discovered that he is the most neurotic dog either of us have ever had. First of all, he's a neat freak. He likes things in order and will move them from where I've decided to put them back to where he wants them. Apparently I need picking up after.

I also apparently don't rinse my dishes to his satisfaction before I place them in the dishwasher:

The oddest thing about Rhino, though, is that he has little nests around the house. These consist of objects he's carried from another part of the house and collected for himself. He has one upstairs and one downstairs. In these he puts anything and everything he can pick up and/or drag to his spot: shoes, paint rollers, underwear, Hedgie (of course), bits of cardboard and paper, slippers, pens, plastic bags, string, you name it.

He will actually get upset when I try to put all the crap his treasures back, and he also gets mad when he can't pull something heavy into his nest. The other night I was lying in bed and I heard him bumping around underneath. He started barking, and I looked down to find him trying to pull my purse, unsuccessfully, into his little lair. (Remember, he's only two pounds, so a purse is pretty big to him.)

The only solution we have so far is to keep stuff off the floor. It's like having a toddler all over again.

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