Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Week's Flotsam and Jestam

Not a whole lot to report lately. School is finally winding down, which means the boys are extra wound up. The two youngest both got in trouble at school this week for disruptive behavior, and we're just hoping we can ride out the next two weeks sans calls from the principal's office. It's been a struggle dragging them to the finish line kicking and screaming, doing make-up work, etc.

Yesterday we had a lightening storm that was amazing to watch. Lightening hit close enough for us to hear it crack whatever it hit with a sound like a shotgun being fired. (I heard later that the lightening had started 13 fires in the area and killed a woman in the town next to us.) Whenever the thunder would rumble, Coco would run around the yard, furiously barking at it. Rhino slept through it, and Blue hid in the dog house.

It's been so busy lately that I've hardly had time to sit down. So it was really nice to relax with the family last night and watch an hysterical episode of Man Men vs. Wild. Bear Grylls took Will Ferrell with him into the Arctic in Sweden. Oh, man, was that funny!

Will descended into the tundra from a moving helicopter, made snowshoes out of sticks, climbed a frozen waterfall, and ate reindeer eyeballs, all the while cracking jokes and at one point screaming for his mommy. It was especially funny whenever he got Bear to crack up.

Today I'm going to take Aaron to his college campus to continue the sign-up process, which includes tests and lots of forms to be filled out.

What's that?

Why yes, actually, I think it will be quite an exciting afternoon, thankyouverymuch.

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