Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ten on Tuesday ~ Tidbits

: a choice morsel of food
: a choice or pleasing bit (as of information)

Little tidbits of the past week that I'm really thankful for:

1. The semi-cool weather has held out for a while; yesterday was simply lovely.

2. My youngest stepson was actually excited to check out books at the library yesterday (he has always fought me on reading).

3. We went to an absolutely delicious pre-Mother's Day brunch this past weekend. The restaurant had everything in their buffet from waffles to ceviche, plus live music.

4. The grease fire in the BBQ yesterday was put out quickly (thank God).

5. The food on the BBQ wasn't even too burnt and came out delicious!

6. Yesterday I was able to solve the problem of the impossibly-clogged kitchen sink after looking up different ways on the Internet.

7. I was able to get a doctor's appointment a lot sooner than I expected them.

8. Bunny, our sourpuss cat, has become a lot more cuddly and attentive now that Rhino's around. (I think she's jealous that she's not the baby anymore.)

9. I just found out that Peez's teacher doesn't go on maternity leave until the end of next week, which means I still have time to finish the baby blanket for her.

10. Last night I was able to witness (and capture on film) my stepsons trying to lick their own elbows at the dinner table; a picture that will make me smile whenever I need a pick-me-up.

(Peez is convinced he's almost there.)

For more tidbits of thankfulness, head to Crayl's blog, Beyond Black and White.

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Crayl said...

Super great list. I did try to set up a link, something is up at Mr. Linky world. I will check periodically during the day and let you know. :)