Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: The Graduate

I'm so thankful that Aaron graduated this past week! In no particular order, here are 10 other things for which I am grateful:

* I'm thankful that I finally got to see a genuine smile on Aaron's face, instead of the obligatory grimace for regular photo ops.

* I'm thankful that his brothers got to witness this big event, and that Aaron is such a great role model for them.

* I'm thankful Aaron is continuing on his educational journey and attending college in the fall.

* I'm thankful that even though he is a big, important high-school graduate now, he still looks to us for guidance.

* I'm thankful that he is able to attend college in the same town and continue to live at home.

* I'm thankful that in his speech at his graduation party, Aaron told me that even though I hadn't been in the family that long, he felt like I'd always been there supporting him. *Cue tears.*

* I am grateful that Aaron is motivated to get a part-time job as well as be a full-time student so he can be a financial help to the family.

* I am thankful that all the families put aside their differences and came together to celebrate Aaron's big accomplishment.

* I am thankful for Aaron's kind soul and generous heart.

* And lastly, (but certainly not least), I am so thankful that I got to capture this moment of pride and emotion emanating from Ralph, who is usually so stoic:

I'm not sure if Crayl's doing a Ten on Tueday today, but you should definitely go over to her site and check it out!

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Crayl said...

ate the shout out, I better make a list.
This is a GREAT list, congratulations to Aaron!