Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: Colombia

I'm following Crayl's lead today and making my 10 thankful-things list about a place. (Hers is about Idaho. Go check it out!)

Here, in no particular order, are 10 of the things I loved while living in Medellín.

1. The annual Flower Festival (Feria de Flores). Giant flower displays are created and then carried on the backs of men who walk the streets parade-style.

2. The weather! Medellín is called the City of Perpetual Spring. It's near the equator, so it stays warm, but the altitude is high enough that it doesn't get too hot. I swear, it's the best weather in the world.

3. The services. You can get anything handmade, from rubber stamps to ball gowns.

4. The food!!! I gained almost 20 pounds in the year I lived there (probably because a lot of stuff was fried.) The typical meal for the region of Medellín is called Bandeja Paisa. It consists of fried eggs, steak, chiccharron (fried pig skins), rice, and plantains. Soooo delicious! They also had their version of tortillas, called arepas, and they came in a sweet-corn variety that was my breakfast staple the entire time I was there.

5. The importance of family, especially children.

6. The beauty of the country; it's tropical so it rained a lot and everything was a lush, vibrant green. Quite a difference from the brown hills of California.... The beaches were gorgeous, too.

7. The fact that I could walk in to a salon with no appointment, get waxed, cut and colored, a manicure and pedicure for basically pennies.

8. The small differences from the States, such as assigned seats in movie theaters and the fact that no one there uses hot water or has heat (you simply don't need it).

9. The lack of bugs!! This is probably due to the altitude, but they just don't have mosquitos. There aren't even screens on the windows!

10. The people. Definitely. Everyone there is so kind and helpful. No matter what I needed, I could always find someone to help me out. It helped make the experience even more meaningful for me.

Ah, the memories!

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