Monday, July 6, 2009

A New Obsession

As if there weren't already a ton of crafty ideas for me to obsess over, here is another one: flower looms! Look at all the cool stuff you can make with them!

This one's from Craft gossip, which actually linked to a tutorial on Sunshine's Creations site, which demonstrates how to make a flower using straw:

Hmmm... I think I could use plarn for this! I could embellish one of my plarn purses:

And I have TONS of random yarn bits. I could do something like these made by future girl. These are adorable!

I've started making felt flowers to add a bit of flourish to my purses, but these would be just as cute. And maybe if I felted these loom flowers... There I go again, on another tangent.

I think I might even be able to re-purpose something I already have instead of spending money on something new (although Joann's has 'em for only a couple of bucks). Remember my Knifty Knitter from my failed felting project?

I bet I could use the small blue one for flowers. I'm giddy with excitement! (My life is obviously pretty boring if I'm excited about a circle of plastic, but hey.)

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have pictures of my new felted purse with felted flower embellishments. That's if I actually felt it today. I might get lazy.... Yeah, shocking, I know.

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