Friday, October 9, 2009

Quote of the Day Plus George Clooney

"Laugh lines are the new skinny."

I just found it this morning on Katie Bower's blog, All Bower Power. It's in her "about me" description where she describes how she never misses a moment to laugh at herself.

I have a million opportunities a day to do that (unfortunately) but I usually pity myself. I'm gonna have to try that laughing thing...

(Purely gratuitous Clooney shot. Hey, at least he's laughing.)

1 comment:

Cheryl B. said...

If ya don't laugh, then the "pink bunnies" will win. It's me or them ... and I'm a laughin!!!

Let's see ... I'm 51, and the "laugh lines" are a showin .... and that is what they shall be from here out!!! :-D