Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mealworms and Big, Fat Seagulls - Wherein I prove once again that I should not be trusted around children.

Yesterday afternoon started off on a bad note as soon as the boys walked through the door. I made the mistake of asking how school was, expecting a positive answer and probing when I didn't get one. I might as well have said, "Hey, how did your non-anesthetized facial reconstructive surgery go? Just okay? Well, it's a learning experience right? Can't you take something positive from it?" Yeah.

To add insult to injury, I was irritated that my youngest stepson (12 going on 20) was not exactly enthusiastic about sitting down with me to be forced to write out part of his science report. There was yelling (on my part) and insults (on his part, but some on mine, too) and fierce resistance on both sides. Luckily there was an actual adult in the room to calm us both down.

And even after the science project was decided upon (finding out what type of food mealworms prefer) I was irritated by the fact that I was going to have to go buy the disgusting creatures and still drag the poor, hapless boy kicking and screaming through the rest of the steps of the project. Never mind that he loved the idea of working with critters, as he has a passion for living all creatures and is actually excited about science. Nope. I was only concerned about the hell I was sure I was going to endure throughout.

Uh, if you're looking to restore your faith in humanity, it's probably best that you avert your eyes if I come into your line of vision.

However, you may still want to visit our house, as there are some really cool boys there who are pretty darn excited about life. Excitement not even dampened by the fact that they live with a witch.

Ralph came to me a little while ago and said, "Paul just called, all excited. He said, 'Dad! The dogs are all barking because there is a giant seagull in our yard!'"

Seriously, how cool is that when your kid is so excited about something that they want to call you at work just to share it with you?

Faith in humanity: restored.

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