Friday, January 8, 2010

What ho! No New Year's Resolutions?

Each January I get more than a little depressed. I see everyone making new resolutions to lose weight, become more organized, completely renovate their home, finally make time to write that award-winning screenplay, etc. Unfortunately, I always feel like resolutions are just one more way to set myself up for failure. And believe me, I don't need any more opportunities for that. Some days I struggle with just trying to keep my head above water. (Personally, I like the idea of rebelling against New Year's resolutions, like over at Beauty and Bedlam. )

I was happy, then, when the pastor at our church last week had a different take on the beginning of the year. The great part was that he used Seinfeld to illustrate. (I'm a sucker for anything Seinfeld. )

In the specific clip, George was recounting his harrowing adventure of saving a whale. He had lied to a woman to impress her by telling her that he was a marine biologist. When they were on the beach and saw a distressed whale, he faced the dilemma of telling the woman he had lied or actually attempt to save the whale. It was then that he had a divine moment. He knew what he had to do. As he was retelling the story, he said "At that moment, "I was a marine biologist!" (It turns out he plucked one of Kramer's golf balls from its blowhole.) The clip is priceless:

Anywho, the pastor discussed looking for our divine moments this year. He said we should keep our eyes open for those moments and be willing to take risks. So often I get frozen with doubt and fear, and I, for one, am tired of it. So instead of setting up impossible expectations, I'm simply going to try and be open to whatever comes my way in the form of help, opportunity, or simply peace.

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