Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome Spring! All two days of it.

Here in the Southern California desert, we have two seasons: Hot and Mild. Kind of like salsa choices. They are also known as Dry and Drier. Most of the year we spend trying to keep ourselves from melting and our houses from burning down. Now, as the "winter" wanes, I'm already getting upset when I think about the oncoming eight months of mostly triple digit temperatures.

That’s why, for the week or so that counts as spring, I'm soaking in as much of the delicious weather and new foliage as possible. Our ornamental plum tree has buds on every branch.

Our jasmine smells amazing. It's bursting with buds and blooms

and has started a hostile takeover of the yard.

It's flattened what few plants have survived under them during the winter months month,

and has even threatened to choke out the bougainvillea.

Luckily, that hardy little plant holds fast with its prickly little thorns.

I wish I could hold on to spring with prickly little thorns, but even that wouldn't prolong it. I'll just have to enjoy it while I can.

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