Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rhino the Slayer

Don't be fooled by this innocent face.

Rhino's the muscle in this operation. He is constantly on patrol to make sure nothing happens to us on his watch. When Blue senses danger, Rhino is right behind him to back him up.

He also supervises all goings on in the house. You know, to make sure everyone's doing their jobs correctly.

He helps keep his cadets looking sharp, grooming and cleaning teeth when necessary.

Not unlike the symbiotic relationship between the plover and the crocodile.

image source
(I couldn't find any photo of this that wasn't copyrighted, but you can go here to see more.)

Rhino can also rule with an iron fist paw when necessary, and will reprimand those who need an extra talking-to.

And if he has to, he will go all Chuck Norris on your a**.

It's an exhausting job, but he's always for the challenge.


BTW, we got his name from the hamster in Bolt, who is freakin' awesome I might add.

Bolt: [Looks around corner at the animal shelter] There's a guard.
Rhino: [Starts walking in to the room.] I'll snap his neck.

See him in action here.

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