Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday ~ The Magnificent M

It's a day late, but that appears to be my MO anyway, so it shouldn't surprise anyone.

In no particular order, my favorite M's:

I love living close to them. They are beautiful.

Delicious, especially in Rice Krispy treats

Learning from my MISTAKES

I need something comfy to sleep on.

The scent of freshly MOWED grass

A good, honest one is a Godsend
(If you live in the OC, Jeff at Personal Care Auto in Westminster is the best. Check out a review here.)

Unfortunately, my memory seems to be deteriorating at a rapid rate.

The Little MERMAID. My favorite Disney movie.
It's funny how Disney changed it from the original gruesome ending to a child-friendly one.

Sebastian is da bomb.


MIXED-breed dogs, a.k.a. MUTTS
Best dogs ever.

For More Melodious M's, check out Crayl's list at Beyond Black and White.

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