Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday ~ The Opportunistic O

In no particular order, here are some O's I'm 'specially thankful for:

OIL pastels
my favorite art medium


my favorite month

simply delicious!

like recorders, only better


being an OMNIVORE
I was an herbivore for years, and let me tell you, coming back to the dark side was awesome.

OPEN-minded people
they're so much nicer to be around

my internal ORGANS
pretty self-explanatory

again, self-explanatory

the OZONE layer
because I don't fancy being burnt to a crisp

life is just so much more fun with them around

Other O's that I fancy:



the color of off-white


my eighth-grade oceanography class

the oscar's we have in our fish tank

it's the first letter of my future last name:
Olmedo (pronounced "Ol' Meadow")
I'm seriously considering changing it to the second spelling so people will know how to pronounce it. Have had Douglas as a last name for 35 years has spoiled me. The only time it wasn't pronounced correctly was in Colombia. No matter how many times I wrote "Dug-less" on the board, the kids always called me Miss Doo-glaás.

To read about more OOOOOO's to be thankful for, head over to Crayl's blog, Beyond Black and White.

Happy Friday Eve, everyone.

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