Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thankful Thursday ~ The Rambunctious R

Where do the days go? I swear it was just Monday. Anyway, here are my ten Rs that I'm thankful for each day.


I'm also fond of Ralph 3.0 (in the middle) as well. (Why, O Why don't these men smile?! Ooh, this is the perfect place for an interrobang! Sorry, nerd humor.)

I used to run long distance and I loved it. But after 20 years, my knees decided to revolt. I'm down to a slow trot now.

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'Cause I'm lazy my knees are bad. Yeah.


The REAL McCoy
Accept no substitutes.

RAGE Against the Machine

Hey, I'm thankful for any time or place I don't have to cook.


ROOT beer
I had to go without during my time in Colombia. For some reason they didn't have it, only Coca Cola (and Coca Cola "Lite" :) and fruit-flavored sodas. I did like their apple soda though.

giving and getting RESPECT

the fact that the RAIDERS' colors are silver and black. I like those colors. I'd hate to have to have Bengals' periphenalia all over the place. Nothing against the Bengals or any other team, I just loathe the color orange. And considering the men in my life are rabid fans (see picture above) I'm glad I don't have to be assaulted by orange (or turquoise, or brown, or....) on a daily basis.

Which Rs are you thankful for? Crayl at Beyond Black and White also has lots of ideas.

Happy Friday Eve,

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