Thursday, June 17, 2010

School's Out for Summer. School's Out Forever.*

Elementary school, that is.

Tuesday marked the last day ever of elementary school for the Olmedo clan. Paul (in red) graduated from sixth grade and will being going on to middle school next year. Ralph 3.0 (in black) graduated from the aforementioned middle school and will be heading to high school.

For some reason unbenownst (sp?) to any rational-thinking person, our school district decided to plan both graduations on the same day at almost the same time. Even though the schools were only two blocks apart, and we raced to the middle school as soon as the elementary one was over, we still missed seeing Ralph walk. Of course, this didn't bother him one bit, since as a teenager, he'd prefer his parents to stay as far away from him as possible. To the rest of us though, it was a big disappointment.

Do you think the district really tries to coordinate the graduations with as much consideration for parents as possible?

Yeah, I didn't think so either.

Side note: Paul is wearing almost the exact same outfit as Justin Bieber (but don't tell him that).

* Even though this song by Alice Cooper was a #1 single the UK, its video was banned on BBC in England and was petitioned by members of Parliament to have the group banned from playing in the country altogether. To me, that seems like trying to ban someone from singing a song about hating broccoli. Kids are still going to love the fact that school's out (as well as hate broccoli) no matter how much we try to hide that truth. Just sayin'.

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stewbie2 said...

Ah, Justin in a house with 2 little girls (6 and 8), he is a constant bug in my ear. My oldest hates him, because she fears he'll take out the Jonas Brothers, and my little one loves him because he's cute.

Congrats to your grads!!