Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Musings

I hope everyone had a good weekend and a happy Father's Day. We had gorgeous weather, very springlike. I'm trying to enjoy as much of it as I can before the hundred-degree temps start making everything melt.

Random tidbit: At church yesterday the pastor was talking about Father's Day and parenting in general. He gave a statistic that surprised us all. Today's parents give their children 500% more stuff than just ONE generation ago. So we were happy with one Barbie doll and Millennium Falcon, but today's kids are being raised to expect everything from every single Disney princess to a cell phone to a new video game system every time a new one comes out.

The only good thing about the boys being addicted to the wretched online games (I think the most popular one is Modern Warfare something-or-other?) is that it's a great bargaining tool. All we have to say is, "We'll take away the game if...." and they do whatever it is we're asking of them. Of course, it does cause whining, grumbling, and occasionally even crying and screaming (seriously), but they have no option but to comply.

I was clicking through a site (I think it was MSN? I don't remember, so I apologize for no image sources. Please don't turn me in) and came across a slide show of 80s sitcom hair. Random, I know, but it took me down memory lane and reminded me of how much I loved these shows.

Laverne and Shirley, natch.
Laverne was monogramming her shirts before it was all chic and stuff.

Did you know that she actually has naturally black hair? She said she had to go to the salon once a week to touch up her roots. I never would have guessed.

China Beach
I remember absolutely loving this show. I loved Dana's hair at the time, too, but now it's a bit outdated.

And one of my all-time favorites,
Bosom Buddies

I have no idea why I loved it so much, but it's funny to see Tom Hanks in a role that would be so out of character for him now.

Has anyone tried the Furminator?

I swear, this thing really does work. That picture of the dog surrounded by all the hair? It's so real. I brushed the dogs with it this weekend and I've never seen so much hair come off them. All of them are short haired with the exception of Daisy (and she's the only one who doesn't like it), and the Furminator still took out TONS of hair on all of them. I didn't know that much hair existed on them! Where have they been hiding it? You would think they'd be bald after all the hair that came off of them. If you have pets, get one NOW.

Happy first day of Summer everyone! Have a great week.

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