Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday Musings (gimme a break, I'm only a day late)

(image source from one of the best movies ever. At least that's how I feel on Mondays.)

Things that made me want to cry over the weekend:

• The 107° temperatures.

• The 10,000 ants that came into our kitchen to escape the 107° heat.

• Thinking I had lost my grandmother's 1928 diamond engagement ring in one of the 20 stores and malls I'd been to throughout the day.

• Coming down with one of those colds/sinus issues that makes you feel like some creature is trying to bore into your brain through your nasal cavity. (Maybe one of the 10,000 ants?)

• The thought of Ralph using the temperamental chainsaw that doesn't like to keep its blade on to cut down some branches that split from the main trunk of a tree. (So that's why he wore a mask!)

• A scorpion that made its way into the kitchen along with the 10,000 ants.

• Centipedes the size of Gigantor floating in the pool.

Things that made me smile over the weekend:

• Finding my grandmother's 1928 diamond engagement ring on the floor of the bedroom.
[Note to self: Don't keep taking that damn thing off and sticking it in your pocket! It doesn't matter if you don't like the way it feels after you wash your hands and can't get the water out from under it. Or how it feels when you're trying to put on lotion. Get used to it. ]

• Ralph's friend (who grew up cutting trees with his father and brothers) coming over and helping Ralph with aforementioned-temperamental chainsaw and tree limbs.

Finally not burning meat on the grill into an unrecognizable charred lump.

• Not finding out about the scorpion until the next day and hearing it had already been dead and probably brought in on someone's shoe instead of finding its own way into the house. (Yes, we call that good news out here in the desert.)

• Having the boys' older cousin stay with us and hang out with the boys for the weekend. Not one fight erupted; I think that's a record for that amount of time.

• Having older cousin help with tree-branch clean up; much less grumbling from the other boys.

• Reading online that temps this week should only be in the 90s.

• Everyone surviving the weekend with no scorpion stings (if not ant bites), food poisoning, ulcers, panic attacks, or chainsaw wounds.

Now that's something to celebrate!

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rebecca @ older and wisor said...

We lived in Mesa, AZ for a year, so I know all about scorpions (and 'hunting' them with black lights). I don't know what's worse: dealing with them or the blasted heat. Although Texas ain't too chilly this time of year either.

p.s HOORAY for finding lost rings!