Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday ~ The Vivacious V

In alphabet books that try to use animals for each letter, V is usually a not-so-pretty vulture. I'm sure many an elementary school teacher wishes there were a more friendly-looking animal whose name started with V.

Well, I don't actually mind vultures, as they clean up a lot messes (i.e. dead animals) that most of us don't want to touch.

Other Vs I'm thankful for include

I hate being in stuffy spaces, and nothing feels better than fresh air coming in.

Tomatoes are my favorite although no one else in the family wants them anywhere near their plates.

they're always so supportive

the ability to VERBALIZE my thoughts
(although I've been told I talk to much...)

With 572 animals running around our house, it's good to know there's someone to help keep them all healthy.

Good for a million uses. Seriously. I use it to clean every surface of the house from the floors to the windows. I also use it on my hair, in my food, laundry, and to get odors out of food containers. It really is the most versatile stuff I have in my house.

having the freedom and the right to VOTE

my 1980 VOLVO
I bought it used from someone who tried to fix everything on it with duct tape and apparently drove it through a sand storm. Still, it got me where I needed to go and I loved it until it hemorrhaged transmission fluid one day in the driveway and had to be towed away to be used for scraps.




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