Monday, December 27, 2010

I hope everyone had a wonderfully-merry Christmas. Mine was delightfully relaxing. It was so relaxing that I didn't even get up to grab my camera on Christmas morning and take pictures of our little cherubs opening gifts. In fact, I have absolutely no pictures to commemorate this year's holiday. I also didn't make Christmas cookies for the neighbors until yesterday and I haven't called my grandma yet to wish her a Merry Christmas. I'll wait until New Year's and tell her I planned it that way.

This was the first time we stayed home with just immediate family. It was great not to have to travel, especially with all the new TSA shenanigans:

Sheesh. No one's exempt!
(Found on boingboing.)

The day was spent opening gifts, stuffing ourselves silly, and watching movies. My kind of day. I didn't even try and use my downtime for crafting, which I usually long to do. (Actually, at this time of year I'm usually so sick of trying to make homemade presents that I never want to pick up another crochet hook or glue gun again.) I did however do some web surfing and randomly found this this t-shirt design at Snorg Tees, which I thought was quite hysterical.

We didn't even really have to cook, as the pozole we made for dinner the night before also makes for an awesome breakfast. And lunch.

Ours kind of looked like the image above. It was our first time making it and it turned out super-extra delicious if I do say so myself.

This is a common Mexican dish to serve at Christmas. Going to the store the day before, I marveled at just how many carts had gigantic cans of hominy and chiles in them.

It was nice to recharge and try to restore some of the sanity I lost in the last few days before the big 25. Being a procrastinator extraordinaire, I had quite a few things to do within the last 48 hours and the stormy weather didn't help.

I finally just had to resign myself to the fact that not everything was going to get done, and I relaxed a bit after that epiphany.

With New Year's approaching, I've resolved not to make any hasty resolutions, if any. Why start out the new year by setting yourself up for failure? I'll probably write a few things down, but for now, I'm going to try and keep this relaxing thing going a while longer.

Happy Monday

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