Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Simple Mind, Simple Pleasures

The Unclutterer is a blog that I read sometimes in a vain attempt at trying to control the clutter and chaos in my life. Too bad that I think I'll somehow become more organized through simple osmosis.

Unclutterer has a weekly post called Unitasker Wednesday. Each week, it jokingly highlights a totally useless product that basically just wants to part fools from their money. There's the Keyboard Quiet Cover, the Tiger Taco to keep your boxes open for you, and one of my personal favorites, the Doughnut To-Go, which is basically a locking container for your doughnut.

Most of these I would never even contemplate buying, but the one this past Wednesday sounded like something right up my alley: electronic bubble wrap.

I can be entertained for hours with bubble wrap. Who isn't? I mean, seriously, is there anything more gratifying than hearing that pop? The only problem is that I always run out of bubbles before my excitement wanes.

The Mugen Pop Pop Endless Bubble Popping Keychain claims to solve that problem for me, plus it's available on Amazon for a list price of $34.99. (Some of them run as low as five bucks.) Still a bit much if you ask me, since a lot of the reviews bemoan the fact that it doesn't actually sound like bubble wrap. But some say it actually feels like bubble wrap and they like the sound. I wouldn't actually go out and buy it, but if I got it as a gag gift I would love it.

I bet it would be a great stress reliever.

One more piece of useless clutter to add to my daunting pile. Damn you, Unclutterer!

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